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The International Council for Technical Education is established with a purpose to foster and preserve high quality, educationally sound and widely accepted distance education and independent learning institutions.

The ICTE Accrediting Commission performs the institutional accrediting functions of the ICTE. ICTE member institutions offer more than 250 different academic, vocational, and avocational courses by mail or by telecommunications. These courses often make use of specially written learning texts and quite often include audio-visual training devices, job enhancing materials, tools, computers, and other equipment. Course length ranges from a few weeks to over four years of study. Although most distance study institutions teach students entirely "at distance," some institutions offer courses which feature a combination of distance study and resident training. ICTE institutions vary in size. The ICTE conducts a continuing professional development program for distance study educators.

•  As the 21st century gets underway, we see that distance education growing at a record rate in terms of new providers, burgeoning student enrollments, global audiences, and near limitless potential for bringing the finest learning and finest faculty right to every student's home or office. No longer place bound or schedule bound, learners are going “back to school” again by the millions, and ICTE institutions are on the leading edge of this education evolution.

•  Today, ICTE institutions make use of a diverse variety of media to provide up to date and performance-based learning, including the Internet and its entire array of tools.

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